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We are experts in the sourcing, processing and exportation of agro commodities from Nigeria to the outside World.


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Few Words About Us

Omojevwe Nigeria Limited is a fully registered company engaging in the exportation of agro products from Nigeria to the rest of the world.

We are licensed by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to offer reliable and fast agro commodities exports services in Nigeria.

Sesamum seeds
Cashew Nuts

Agro commodities export company

Our Products

We are Nigeria’s leading Agric products trading and exportation firm, we partner with legit farmers to source for good produce around the Nigeria and ship to our clients

Sesamum seeds

According to statistics, this is Nigeria’s most exported agro products and our clients always demand for the sesame seeds.

Cashew Nuts

The demand for cashew nuts in the western world is always high and we export it in large quantity to foreign clients


Ginger contains several health benefits for the body and it’s always in high demand around the world.

Cocoa Beans

Dry and raw cocoa beans and each pod harvested from the tree contains up to beans

Palm Oil

We partner with trusted local farmers for regular supply of tasty and clean palm oil

Frozen Products

We always source, process and stockup various frozen products for exports

we stand out from the crowd

Simply The Best

We are Nigeria’s leading exporter of agro-allied commodities with the capacity to handle from medium to large products shipments.

High Quality Products

We source, trade and export only the best quality agro commodities.

Government Approved

We are licensed by the federal government through the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and we operate based on regulatory framework.

Customer Support

You can reach us during our working days at our physical location and contact us online through the website.

Experience Professionals

Our workforce and management are made up of experience and highly qualified industry professionals.

Required Infrastructure

We have the needed facilities to undertake every shipment and there exist plans to increase our capacity

Fast Delivery

All the export ready commodities are delivered faster to their respective destination.

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Our online channel is always available 24/7, you can drop us a question, enquiry or any related message and we always respond promptly.


    Most Common FAQs

    We handle agro products to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, South Africa and Europe. We have plans to expand to more countries soon.

    It depends on the mode of transport, we export through the air and water and products exported through the air arrive faster than shipping.

    We get all our products from selected and verified farmers within Nigeria.

    Yes, we accept commodities from merchants and export to their destination and our rates is very affordable.

    Our rates is very affordable, kindly note that the total cost of delivery depends on the quantity of commodities, you can use the contact form to request a quote.